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DIY Banking


​Bank anywhere, anytime – your way

Be it out and about, in another province or from your living room, you can bank with Stride wherever, whenever and however you want thanks to our wide range of banking solutions.

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Mobile app

Get your banking done on the go using our handy mobile app.

Our mobile app features include: 
  • Checking account balances and activity    
  • Paying bills     
  • Transferring money between accounts    
  • Managing scheduled payments and transfers     
  • Sending and receiving Interac e-Transfers®, or adding a recipient     
  • Finding your closest branch or ATM     
  • Depositing cheques 

Note: Stride Mobile is not supported on BlackBerry or Windows Phone devices.


Online banking

Bank from the comfort of your couch with our secure online banking solution.

Our online banking features include:       
  • Checking account balances and activity       
  • Performing immediate or future-dated payments and transfers     
  • Creating, viewing or deleting scheduled bill payments and transfers       
  • Ordering cheques     
  • Setting up alerts to stay informed about account activity


A new, convenient way to buy and sell foreign currency from the comfort of your home or office.

  • Stride has partnered with CastleFX to bring you StrideFX: an easy, convenient way to buy or sell foreign currency online
  • A more robust and seamless currency experience to our members with foreign currency needs, including bill payments and risk management
  • Real-time, true currency rates - you'll always know your true cost
  • Visit StrideFX

Mobile cheque deposit

Deposit cheques anytime with our free Deposit AnywhereTM app feature.

 How it works: 
  1. Download or open our mobile app on your smartphone / tablet
  2. Tap the “Deposit” button
  3. Select your account and enter the amount    
  4. Snap a photo of the front and back of your cheque   
  5. Confirm the details and tap "Submit"

 It's that easy!

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ATM network

Withdraw money surcharge-free from thousands of ATMs across Canada.

How it works: 

As a member of Stride Credit Union, you can withdraw cash from any Canadian credit union ATM without paying surcharges, thanks to our ding free® network.


Sending and Receiving Money

Transferring money to other people has never been easier.

  • Interac® e-Transfer allows you to transfer money to an individual or business anywhere in Canada
  • Wire transfers are offered at any one of our locations to send money anywhere in the world
  • International Transfers is a low-cost way to send up to $25,000 overseas from your online banking
  • Receive Interac® e-Transfers through the mobile app or online banking using your phone, tablet or computer
  • Request Interac® e-Transfers easily with Stride online banking

​Find the account for you

Whether your needs are big, small or somewhere in between, we have a bank account to fit your life.

​Superpower your banking

Make your financial management even easier and more secure with our range of additional features and services. 


Your business banking questions answered

While using online banking is so convenient and easy once you are familiar with it, we understand that it can be overwhelming to get started. We have created a step by step 'how to' tutorial to get you on your way! To get started, click here.

Great question! There are so many different features and options in your online banking available at your fingertips!  Click here to learn how to order cheques, apply a stop payment and much more!

You bet there are! Stride's online banking has a number of different alerts available to members. Get notified when there is a deposit or withdrawal, a failed payment, a balance inquiry and more. Find out how to set up these alerts here

The left-hand side of your online banking is a wealth of information when it comes to your account. Click here to learn about all of the features in the account navigation.
From the comfort of your home, office or at the lake, you can set up payments in your online banking! Using the operational menu on the left-hand side of online banking, we will show you how to use the payments (and all other features!) to their fullest capability. Just click here for more info!
You sure can! Stride's online banking offers a number of personal profile options for members to take control of. Need to change your 2 step verification info or your password? You can do that in the Profile section. Click here to follow the tutorial.
You are in luck! On top of regular member to member transfers and e-transfers, we also offer International Transfers - all of which can be done from your computer or smart phone through Stride's online banking! To find out all about your money transfer options, click here.

Need help getting set up with a solution?