Life Insurance

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Term life insurance

  • Replace lost income
  • Pay out debt left behind (mortgage, loans, bills, etc.)
  • Create an estate (security for your family)
  • Provide security for your family
  • Fund a child's education
  • Contribute to a charity

Permanent life insurance

  • Cover final expenses, such as funeral or medical bills
  • Combines a death benefit with a
    ​savings component
  • Use it as a tax-favorable investment
  • Guarantee your children will have an inheritance
  • Policy owner can borrow funds against that cash value or, in some instances, withdraw cash from it

Universal life insurance

  • Protect your family and invest in your future
  • Combine life insurance with a flexible portfolio of investment options
  • Ensure your spouse or beneficiary will have sufficient cash after you die
  • Provide money to pay capital gains or estate taxes so that your beneficiaries don't have to sell assets to pay tax

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