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Banking Services

Banking services to meet your needs

From account alerts to safety deposit boxes, rest easy knowing that we have everything you need to keep your money safe. 



Protect your account with instant notifications about account activity.

  • A great way to protect your accounts from fraud
  • Choose to be notified instantly of any login attempts, new bill payee or Interac® e-Transfer recipient added, and many more
  • Alerts arrive by email, text or both
  • Completely free to use
  • Add or remove alerts through online banking


Transferring money can now be done quickly and securely with Interac® e-Transfer.

  • Interac® e-Transfer allows you to transfer money to an individual or business anywhere in Canada
  • Wire transfers are offered at any one of our locations to send money anywhere in the world
  • International Transfers is a low-cost way to send up to $25,000 overseas from your online banking
  • Receive Interac® e-Transfer. through the mobile app or online banking using your phone, tablet or computer
  • Request Interac® e-Transfer. easily with Stride online banking

Safety deposit boxes

Keep your valuables safe from fire, theft and damage. 

  • Keep your valuable documents, collectibles or  jewellery safe from theft or fire
  • Four sizes available for rent in most of our locations
  • Golden account members receive a $15 rebate on the annual rental fee
  • Review the contents of your box in a private room, ensuring your confidentiality
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Debit card buyer protection

Your Stride debit card comes packed with fantastic features!

  • The Buyer Protection Feature covers most retail items of personal property purchased worldwide.
  • Coverage applies to the first 120 calendar days after purchase of the product.
  • Extended warranty doubles the repair period on a manufacturer's authorized Canadian warranty up to 2 extra years for purchases made worldwide.
  • To make a claim under the Buyer Protection program, report the loss to:
    Risk Solutions Group - Claims Department
    CUMIS General Insurance Company
    P.O. Box 5065, 151 North Service Road
    Burlington, ON L7R 4C2
    1-800-263-9120 ext. 605800

Lock N Block™

Lost your debit card? No need to panic. Simply login to your account and lock it down.

  • If you lose or misplace your debit card, lock or block access to it from anywhere, anytime
  • When your debit card is locked, all transactions are declined, making fraudulent attempts to access your money virtually impossible.
  • Simply login to online banking, click the Lock 'N' Block icon and toggle to either "lock" or "unlock"
  • If you find your card later, you can simply repeat the process above to unlock it

In Branch

Visit one of our five branches for personal support with any financial need.

Our in-branch services include:
  • Issuing new or replacement debit cards       
  • Withdrawing or depositing cash     
  • Setting up personal or business solutions       
  • Exchange Canadian Dollars for US Dollars at any one of our locations       
  • Renting or viewing safety deposit boxes       
  • Order cheques in branch or through your online banking   
  • Paying bills and transferring money     
  • Borrowing for any goal     
  • Setting up investments       
  • Planning for the future with our certified specialists
  • Drafts are a guaranteed form of payment, available in CAD and USD; drop by a branch to purchase one
  • Direct deposit information can be found on the bottom of a cheque; call us or visit one of our locations for the information you require

Find the account for you

Whether your needs are big, small or somewhere in between, we have a bank account to fit your life.


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Bank from anywhere, anytime

Access your accounts from anywhere, any time of day with our wide range of banking options.

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Your banking questions answered

Alerts make it easy to keep track of any changes to your account in online banking – for example, if you sign up to be alerted when your PAC is changed, you will receive a text or email if the online banking system detects that change. If you receive an alert but did not perform a change in online banking, this may be a sign of fraudulent activity. Contact your Stride branch immediately and we can address your concerns and take appropriate action.

Sending money to family, friends or businesses has never been easier. If they have a Canadian bank account, you can send the recipient an Interac® e-Transfer. It's as easy as logging into online banking, selecting Transfers and completing their info with an email address, cell number or both. 

You can also send up to $25,000 to anyone who lives overseas using International Transfers through your online banking. The transfer system uses live exchange rates and only charges a small fee ($2.50) if the transfer is under $500.  It's a fantastic way of sending foreign currency! The best part is that it's available 24 hours a day through online banking! You even get notified when the money leaves your account and when it arrives at the recipient's account. 

For larger amounts, or to send directly to a business, wire transfers are a great option. You will need more information than the options above, but it is a secure way to send money quickly and securely to a recipient. Please call or visit one of our locations for more information. 

If you have online banking, login and click the Lock 'N' Block icon. This will allow you to lock your debit card instantly. If you don't have access to online banking, call 1-888-277-1043. This service is available 24 hours a day.  


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