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Governance and Leadership

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Stride's Board of Directors is an important part of the governance of the Credit Union.

As with any board or committee, the skills and knowledge you acquire by participating is unique and can contribute to your own professional development. By joining Stride Credit Union's board you will gain invaluable financial knowledge while building your own skills in communications and leadership. As a board member, you will increase your understanding of the Credit Union system and feel a sense of pride when it comes to organizational growth and successes, as well as the impact Stride has on our communities.

Why become a Director?

I initially joined the board after several conversations with former Stride staff member, Lori Smith. I was interested in doing something different after retiring from the health care field and with Lori's encouragement, I let my name stand as a nominee.

The atmosphere of collegiality at the board table by fellow board members who came from different walks of life and experience was very strong. The tone at the board table was mirrored by the management team who availed themselves to answer questions.  The board was totally engaged in strategic planning and decisions to pursue mergers, partnerships and collaborations.  Recognition of the need to modernize and digitize services for members was evident and so a plan to do so was established.  The Credit Union always had a reputation for supporting community ventures and efforts were made to ensure the scope of support was broadened to include all demographics.

Training was required to understand the Credit Union system and any additional training which was pertinent was encouraged and supported.  Networking with other Credit Union directors within Manitoba and with national conferences allowed for continuous learning opportunities. The leadership of the organization is strong and the staff are supported to be good at their jobs which benefits the members who rely on their help and good judgement. I enjoyed 10 years on the board and left because I felt it was time for someone with new ideas to help shape an ever evolving organization. It was rewarding work for me.  

-Winnie Pauch, former Board Chair of Stride Credit Union

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Today, Stride Credit Union is a co-operative financial instruction, operating in the best interests of our members and our communities. With each member having one share and one vote, and a

Board of Directors elected from the membership, we can react to the wishes and needs of our members quickly and efficiently. We are proud to be locally owned and operated.

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The Board of Directors of Stride Credit Union should, in general, reflect the composition of the membership. The Board of Directors provides leadership to ensure the day-to-day business conducted by Stride Credit Union reflects the values on which Stride Credit Union established, all in the interests of serving our members and our community.
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At Stride Credit Union, it is our vision to grow our organization by continually strengthening our offering, delivering leading edge services and creating long-term value for our staff and shareholders.