Tax-Free Savings (TFSAs)

Tax free? Yes please!

A Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) lets you save tax-free, giving you more money in your pocket. 

Why invest in a TFSA?

No tax!

Who doesn't like more money? With a Tax-Free Savings Account from Stride, you can save the taxes on earned income and keep more money for your goals. 

Grow exponentially

A TFSA allows you to keep more money in your account, which means you earn growth on the growth. Compound growth adds up quickly!

Planning experts

Stride has the planning experts to help you make the most out of your investments, including whether to contribute to a TFSA, RRSP or both. 

Invest your way

Your TFSA can hold a wide variety of investment options, including mutual fundsterm deposits and savings accounts.

Calculate your way to financial freedom

A TFSA is a fantastic vehicle to help you achieve your dreams of retiring sooner. Calculate what you'll need to get there using our TFSA calculator.

Journey Wealth

Here to help you along your journey

Make sure you're on the right path achieve your financial goals and dreams. Our financial planning experts can help you create a personalized plan to maximize your TFSA growth and help you stay on track. 

Using a TFSA to save for a new home?

We have fantastic mortgage options to turn your savings into that white picket fence you've been dreaming of. Find out how a mortgage from Stride can help make that dream home a reality.

TFSA questions? We've got answers.

Grow your TFSA with expert advice

Journey Wealth is here to help you plan, grow and protect your wealth with thoughtful investment and insurance options and advice.