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Savings Accounts


Banking built to fit your life

Whether your banking needs are big, small or somewhere in between, we have the savings account for you.


Compare savings accounts

High Interest Savings

Grow your funds with a higher rate of interest, when you know you won't be needing them for a while.

Key Features
  • No monthly fee
  • Interest accrues on the daily closing balance
  • One free withdrawal each month

Plan 24

The Plan 24 offers tiered interest, based on the daily balance of the account.

Key Features
  • No monthly fee
  • 20 free transactions when a minimum monthly balance of $1000 is maintained
  • Tiered interest

Youth Savings

For anyone under the age of 18, we offer youth accounts. You can bank with us for your entire life!

Key Features
  • No monthly fee
  • 60 free transactions, including withdrawals, e-transfers, debit card purchases and bill payments

US Savings

Keep your US dollars in US dollars. Save the cost of currency exchange between USD and CAD. 

Key Features
  • No monthly fee
  • In-branch bill payments are $1.00 each
  • Use this account to save and pay for USD bills or pre-authorized payments

Want to see a full breakdown of our savings account features and fees? Take a look at our Savings Accounts Brochure (PDF)


​Opening a Stride account is as easy as:

Book a chat

When you’re ready, we’ll get in touch to collect the information we need to open your account (see below).

Sign online

Review the set-up documents we send and sign them using our e-signature software.  

3_open account.svg
Open your account

Stop by the branch with photo ID to pick up your debit card and online banking information.

4_deposit shares.svg
Deposit shares & go

Now all you need to do is deposit your member shares and you’re ready to go!


During our call

When we chat, we’ll need to collect some details from you to get your account set up:

  • Full legal name       
  • SIN number      
  • Birthday       
  • Phone number       
  • Email address       
  • Legal & mailing address
    (Note: if you’ve lived at your current address for under two years, we’ll also need your previous address)
  • Marital status and if you have any dependents       
  • Tax residency       
  • Occupation       
  • Employer, their address and phone number
    (Note: If you’ve been employed there under two years, we’ll also need your previous employer’s address and number)       
  • Type of accounts required (personal or joint) and their intended use

During account opening

When you come by the branch to pick up your account materials, we’ll also need to see a piece of photo ID and make a copy of it for our records.


Bank anywhere, anytime – your way

On your phone or tablet
On your computer
​Via thousands of ATMs
​In your local branch

​Reward yourself with the right credit card

From travel rewards to cash back, our credit cards offer the features you need and the perks you deserve.


Your banking questions answered

Yes, interest is paid on savings accounts. See our Savings Accounts brochure for more information on the interest paid to each account. Additionally, interest rates on the High Interest Savings account can be found here

Any interest earned outside of a registered plan (for example: RRSP, RRIF, TFSA) is subject to tax. A great way to shelter your investments from taxation is by using a TFSA or RRSP, depending on your personal situation. When tax is sheltered, your money grows faster and helps you reach your goals sooner. Contact one of our experts to learn more, today. 

It depends. Each persons needs are unique. If you plan to use an account daily for debit card purchases, monthly pre-authorized withdrawals or for paying bills, a chequing account is probably the best account for you. If you plan to leave your money alone for a while or have a certain amount of money you need to set aside, a savings account is a great choice. Most people have a combination of the two. A chequing account for day-to-day transactions and a savings account to set money aside for trips, property tax, home insurance or even a new bike. Talk to one of our friendly experts to set up a plan that works for you.

Have more questions?

Don’t hesitate to reach out! When you contact us, you’ll speak to real people with real answers, not just an automated system.

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