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​Awareness and constant vigilance is the only path to minimize the risk.

 Cybersecurity is a team effort. It starts with you at home, then at the workplace and extends throughout our communities.
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Why work with Stride?

Online alerts

With this feature, you select what types of account activity you want to be notified about, and we'll alert you through text message or email. These alerts allow you to monitor your accounts effortlessly and detect suspicious activity immediately.

While our alert messages provide balances and account activity, they will never ask for, or contain, your personal details, account numbers, login credentials or any other type of confidential information. Also, our notifications will never include any links or instructions to click or download anything.

Enhanced Security Login

You can register your home or personal computer so that you will not have to answer a security question every time you log in. However, when you log in to your account from another machine, we will ask one of the security questions to confirm your identity.

For security reasons, we track the number of login attempts used to access your online banking. After a number of incorrect attempts to provide the correct PAC or answers to security questions, your online access will be immediately disabled. To regain access, please call our customer service representatives.

Local advice 

We live where we work. That means familiarity with our members and the issues you are facing. We want our members to be able to make informed decisions, while we take the guesswork away for you, all while keeping you and your accounts safe. 

Enjoy rapid support

Whether you want to set up a solution, ask a question or just need a little financial reassurance, we act fast to help.

Grow with us

Around the corner – and throughout our communities – we're here to support your operation. Our agriculture and commercial specialists are here for you, now and tomorrow.

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