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Whether you're saving for retirement, school or just looking for advice, our financial planning experts can help you create a personalized plan that secures your future without you missing out on life right now.


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A car, a vacation, a home of your own – a TFSA uses the power of tax-free savings growth to get you to your goals faster. Learn more about the benefits of a TFSA and save more money, today. 

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Not sure if you’ll have enough for that new video game console? See how much you'll need to set aside to get your hands on that controller.

Your term deposit questions answered

All deposits held at credit unions in Manitoba are 100% guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba (DGCM), without limit.  DGCM ensures that credit unions operate using sound business practices and maintain quality assets to minimize the risk of loss. 

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Term deposits are versatile investments. They can be held in a registered account (such as an RRSP, RRIF or TFSA) or they can be held non-registered. They can also be held jointly with another person(s), or just in your name. If a term deposit is held outside of a registered account (aka, non-registered), interest earned is taxable for the holder(s) and must be reported on a tax return. You will receive a T5 statement in February/March from Stride with the amount of interest earned on your term deposits for the previous year.

Registered accounts shelter the earned interest from taxation. A Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) is a great way to keep from paying taxes on the income, while making sure you have access to the money when you need it. Speak to an advisor about interest, TFSAs and taxes today!

Sometimes a term deposit might not provide enough of a return to help you achieve your savings and retirement goals. You may need to look at other investments to help you get there. Luckily for you, Stride has the solutions and expertise to help you achieve your goals. 

Through our subsidiary, Journey Wealth, we offer full financial planning services for everyone. Our aim is to make saving easy and approachable. With our financial planning experts, you'll have access to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and more. Additionally, they can discuss protecting for your most important asset: you! Insurance services are an important part of every financial plan. 

Whether you have $500 to start, or $5 million to grow, our wealth planning advisors are here for you.  

Additionally, if you want to try investing on your own, we've partnered with Qtrade Direct Investing to provide you with an award-winning platform. Check out our DIY Investing page for more info!

*Mutual funds and/or approved exempt market products are offered through Investia Financial Services Inc. (“Investia”). Please see for more information.

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