Term Deposits

Find the term deposit that's right for you

Save the way you want with our term deposits, all focused on guaranteeing your peace of mind. 

Why invest in a term deposit with Stride?

Invest your way

Stride has a number of options when it comes to term deposits. Let us help you choose the right term and interest rate to meet your goals. 

Safety. Guaranteed.

All deposits held at Stride Credit Union are 100% guaranteed. And you can take that to the... well, actually you can't. 

Save for what's important

Whether it's a car, boat, RV, education or a rainy day, we have a selection of term deposits that are right for you.

Make budgeting simple

Do you have a couple of savings goals in mind? Set aside money for each with a term deposit designed to help you get to where you want to be. 

Get advice from the experts you trust

Whether you're saving for retirement, school or just looking for advice, our financial planning experts can help you create a personalized plan that secures your future without you missing out on life right now.

Journey Wealth

Don't make your term deposit work overtime

A car, a vacation, a home of your own – a TFSA uses the power of tax-free savings growth to get you to your goals faster. Learn more about the benefits of a TFSA and save more money, today. 

Put your money where your mouse is

Scurry over to our rates page to find out more about the great rates we have to grow your savings. There's no better time than now to start saving for your big ideas.

Savings calculator

Not sure if you’ll have enough for that new video game console? See how much you'll need to set aside to get your hands on that controller.

Your term deposit questions answered

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