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Mortgage Calculator

Your dream home starts here

Whether you're buying your first home, upgrading your third or just renewing your mortgage, start here.



Enter your household income, estimated expenses and down payment amount to find out what how much mortgage you can afford.

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Payment Options

Calculate your regular mortgage payments, based on the amount, rate, payment frequency and mortgage term.


Amortization & Prepayments

Discover how much you'll save with different prepayment options and amounts and see how much faster you could be mortgage-free.


Mortgages made easy

With rates as low as


Our current mortgage rates are populated in the calculator already. View our full list of rates here.

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Stride offers loans and LOC's to help you change your kitchen into the dream dining space you've always wanted.

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Free your mind

We've got your mortgage payment covered if something were to happen with mortgage protection from Stride.

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