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Changes are coming to your banking statement

Starting in early March, members will see a change in their banking statements; the way they look, when they are received, and the information that appears on them.

When you receive your new statement, you will notice that it has changed to something called “Relational Statements”. That means the information presented on your one statement is inclusive and personalized to you, the member, and therefore, based on accounts in which you have an ownership role, including any joint accounts you may be a part of.

You've got questions? We've got answers!

eStatements will be available early the following month.
Printed and mailed statements will be mailed out within ten (10) days after month end and you should receive them within fourteen (14) days after month end.
Going forward, all statements will be received with a statement cut off of month end.  Previously, personal members history cut off on the 3rd of every month, and businesses had month-end cut off.  This will make reconciling easier.
Business/Organization statements will be prepared based on the business/organization name only.  Signors will not receive a separate statement, nor will the account be included on their personal statement.
If you didn't receive a statement it may be due to the way you are listed on the account. Please call your Account Manager or the branch, or email and we will look into things. 
No. Children Trust accounts with the parent or grandparent holding a ‘Trustee’ role, will no longer receive a statement.  If member inquires, the role ownership of the account can be changed by completing an updated All in One account form with the adult to sign.

Looking for other options to access your statement?

We have you covered. 
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Transaction history via online banking

Though eStatements are currently unavailable, members can view and export their transaction history from the Transactions area of desktop online banking.
Navigate to Accounts > View Transactions. From there, you have the option to filter the data to select dates or other details.
Then navigate to the bottom of the screen and select either Print to print the transactions or Export to export to the format of choice.
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Request through the branch

Branch staff are able to print statements for members, upon request*.

*Fees may apply.

Wondering about the benefits of the new statements?

Here are a few of them:  

  • Each member will receive one monthly statement with a summary of all accounts they have an ownership role on, reducing the number of statements required for each account. 
  • Relational statements are much easier to read and understand because they only contain accounts, investments, and products that you are an owner (or joint owner) of.  
  • Our new statements are all on a month-end cycle making it easier to reconcile monthly budgets and expenses for members. 
  • Savings accounts with interest cycles greater than monthly, including registered variable accounts, will now display the accrued interest.
  • Registered accounts will now display the contract number attached to the account.
  • A spousal indicator and contributor name will now display on registered spousal plan accounts. 
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