Are you looking at purchasing your first home or building a new home? Maybe you are considering transferring your existing mortgage or you might want to use your home equity to reach a financial goal.

Stride Credit Union can help by designing a plan that suits your mortgage needs; we can make your dream home a reality.

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• 24-hour approval

• Pre-approvals for 60 days

• Your choice of payment options- weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or semi-monthly

• Portability to allow your mortgage to be transferred to a new purchase

• Group mortgage insurance options- provides payment protection in case of disability, death, critical illness or involuntary loss of employment

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• Fixed-rate closed mortgage with competitive 1-5 year rates & 20% annual prepayment options at anytime

• Open variable-rate mortgages with unrestricted prepayment options without penalty

• Our popular "Collateral" mortgage can offer more than 1 product under blanket security

• Up to 80% Conventional advance

• Up to 95% CMHC insured mortgages

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Are you a first-time home buyer? With the Home Buyers' Plan, you can withdraw up to $25,000 from your RRSP to buy or build a home. While you do have to pay that back, you are given up to 15 years to do so through the Home Buyers' Plan. To find more information about this program, click here, or see one of our Financial Services Officers.
Mortgage Rates Rates
Rates as low as: 1.90%

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