We offer ten convenient ATM locations, including the only drive-thru ATM in Portage. This means you are never far from your money when you need it.

Our locations include:

Stride Credit Union - Branch ATMs
Royal Road Branch (Portage) Full Service ATM, open 24/7
Drive-thru ATM (Withdrawals Only), open 24/7
Westend Branch (Portage) Full Service ATM, open 24/7
Austin Full Service ATM, open 24/7
Gladstone Full Service ATM, open 24/7
MacGregor Full Service ATM, open 24/7
Oakville Full Service ATM, open 24/7
Plumas Full Service ATM, open 24/7
Other ATM Locations
Stride Place ATM (Withdrawals Only)
Portage Co-op Gas Bar (River Rd) ATM (Withdrawals Only)

Remember to always be sure you take your money, remove your debit card and the receipt if requested.

If making a deposit through the ATM, funds may not be immediately available- there can be a hold placed on your account. This is done on a per member basis. You may be able to change this, just stop by any branch and ask.

ding freeĀ® ATM Withdrawals

As a member of Stride Credit Union with a Member Card® debit card, you don't pay any surcharges when you use another credit union ATM in Canada! Our credit union network spans from BC to Newfoundland, keeping you ding free, sea to sea.

Because our network spans right across Canada, we have more coverage than most national banks too. To find your nearest ding free ATM, download the ding free ATM locator app, available for all major platforms.

More information can be found at


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