Safety Deposit Boxes

If you have some important keepsakes, valuables or documents, keep them safe and protected with a safety deposit box.

The benefits of a safety deposit box include:

  • Your treasured belongings are protected against fire, theft, and other acts that can compromise the items
  • You, and only you, can access your belongings anytime during the normal business day
  • A privacy room to ensure your belongings are kept confidential and exclusive to you
  • Four sizes of boxes available to accomodate most smaller, personal items
  • Boxes are rented on an annual basis and the cost includes the rental fee plus GST
  • Golden Chequing members receive a $15.00 flat rebate on the annual safety deposit box fee.

Available Sizes and Prices Expand/Collapse

Small 1.5 x 5"; 1.5 x 5"; 1.75 x 5"
Medium 2.5 x 5" $45.00
Large 3 x 5"; 3.5 x 5"
Extra-Large 5 x 5"; 2.5 x 5"; 2.75 x 10"; 5 x 10"