Cheques & Drafts

Cheques are a great, safe form of payment when cash or card isn't accepted. Drafts are a guaranteed payment, where the credit union has verified that the funds are available.

Ordering Cheques Expand/Collapse


Ordering cheques has never been easier- you can do that online through MemberDirect® Online Banking! Once signed in, navigate to Account Services > Order Cheques and simply fill out the online form.


You can also order cheques in-branch- just speak with one of our Member Services Representatives and they'll put the order in for you. Sometimes they can have your cheques ready within a few minutes.

Types of Cheques & Fees Expand/Collapse

Personal Cheques
Just-a-Few 12 cheques $5.00
Thrifty 24 cheques $10.00
Special 48 cheques $20.00
Economy 100 cheques $25.00

Drafts Expand/Collapse

Drafts are a guaranteed payment- they are a means of providing payment in US or foreign currencies that should be readily accepted by foreign financial institutions. They can also be used domestically for the same purpose- a guaranteed payment where cash, cheque, or card is not accepted.

To purchase a draft, just visit any branch.

Depositing or Cashing Cheques & Drafts Expand/Collapse

If you receive a cheque or a draft, there are a few ways you can deposit or cash those funds:

  • In-branch: Simply visit any branch and you can cash or deposit your cheque with any of our Member Services Representatives.
  • ATM: You can deposit a cheque through an ATM, which may be subject to a holding period.
  • Mobile App: You can also deposit a cheque from your smartphone through our mobile banking app. With the Deposit Anywhere feature, you can snap a picture of your cheque, front and back, and deposit it right then and there.