Bill Payments

Paying your bills couldn't be easier because we offer a handful of convenient ways to pay your bills. You can even setup recurring payments- that way, you'll never miss or forget a payment.

Paying Bills with MemberDirect® Online Banking Expand/Collapse

You can pay your bills through MemberDirect Online Banking. Here you can schedule and view recurring payments and add or delete payees.

Adding a payee is really simple- begin by searching the name. Select the correct one, then enter your account number. Contact your payee if you need help locating your account number.

For example: You may have a wireless plan with Rogers Wireless. You need to pay your bill so you will add them as a payee.

Step 1 Log in to online banking, click Payments
Step 2 Click Add Payee
Step 3 Search for payee- Rogers, or Rogers Wireless
Step 4 Select Rogers Wireless
Step 5 Enter your Rogers account number (usually printed on statement), click submit
Step 6 And you're finished!

Paying Bills with the Mobile App Expand/Collapse

You can also pay your bills through our mobile banking app.

Step 1 Select the Pay Bills icon
Step 2 Select the account you wish to pay from
Step 3 Select the payee
Step 4 Enter the amount you want to pay
Step 5 Choose whether this payment is for now or later
Step 6 Select "Pay this bill" and then hit "confirm" on the next page
Step 7 And that's it, quick and simple.

Paying Bills with Telephone Banking Expand/Collapse

You can also pay your bills through telephone banking. All you need is your 19-digit Member Card® debit card number and your personal access code (this code will be different than the one you use for online banking).

Step 1 Dial 1-888-856-0555
Step 2 Enter your 19-digit Member Card debit card number
Step 3 Enter your personal access code (PAC)
Step 4
Press 6 for bill payments
Step 5
Press 1 to pay bill by name, or
Step 6
Press 2 to change or cancel scheduled bill payment, or
Step 7
Press 3 to manage payee list
Step 8
Simply logout by ending the phone call

Paying Bills In-Branch Expand/Collapse

Paying bills in-branch is just as easy to do. Simply bring your statement with you and tell one of our Member Service Reps how much you'd like to pay. They will take care of the rest for you. A service fee will apply for all in-branch bill payments.

Bill Payment Service Fees Expand/Collapse

When you make a bill payment, a small service fee will apply. For online and telephone banking bill payments, this service fee can be waived as part of the free transactions included in your personal account. In-branch bill payments are subject to a service fee.

Chequing Accounts
Telephone Banking bill payments $0.50
MemberDirect Online Banking bill payments $0.50
Savings Accounts
Telephone Banking bill payments $0.60
MemberDirect Online Banking bill payments $0.60
In-branch bill payment $1.00


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