Encrypted Email

Something New to Protect You!

Encrypted email is just one more way we help protect our members and keep their information safe. This service will be used when the content of an email may contain personal and business financial data as well as other confidential or sensitive information as it relates to our members.

Why is Stride Credit Union using encrypted email?

In a world that is increasingly becoming a digital-only world, online threats will always be present. We use encrypted email as an additional safeguard for our members because we value the protection of member information. We felt that this is an enhanced addition to the services we provide to our members.

By using encrypted emails, it helps keep the information from being intercepted, viewed, or stolen by people who do not have a right to the information.

How does it work?

Encrypted emails are received the same way as any other email, but accessing an encrypted email is much different. A couple of the more common ways you may receive an encrypted email include:

• Online Portal

In some cases, there may be an online portal where you must log in to access the encrypted email. The information to access this portal will be provided by your account manager or the staff member you are dealing with.

• Password Protected PDF

You may also receive a PDF file that is password protected. Upon receiving the email, there will be a question and answer that was setup between you and the staff member you are dealing with. The answer to the question will be the password to open the PDF file.

How do I use this?

As a member, the emails you receive from us may be encrypted, and if so, you can then access the information based on the method of encyption as noted above. When you reply to an encrypted email, the email will automatically be encrypted for you, so there is nothing extra for you to do. There is also no cost involved for our members to use this service.

For More Information

Please refer to the FAQ section below, or contact your account manager or the staff member you are dealing with if you require further information.

Encrypted Email FAQs Expand/Collapse

1. What is encrypted email?

Email encryption means that information in an email as well as email attachments are scrambled or coded so that other people (for example, computer hackers or identity thieves) can't read or intercept information while it's traveling over the internet.

2. When is encrypted email used?

Encrypted emails will generally be used when transmitting sensitive information to a member or recipient outside of the credit union organization, including, but not limited to:

  • A member's personal or financial information
  • Intellectual property or proprietary information
  • Other confidential information

3. Will this work for emails received or sent from a mobile device?

Yes, it does not matter what device the emails are sent from or received on. If the email was sent as an encrypted email, it may be opened and replied to on any device the user wishes to use. When you reply, the email will be automatically encrypted once again, as long as it was sent as encrypted in the first place.