Data Base Merge Information

Data Base Merge Questions? Call 1-204-385-6137

May 28, 2020

Stride Credit Union is preparing for an upcoming disruption to service to complete a data merge. This will take place from 5pm on Friday, June 5th until approximately noon on Sunday, June 7th. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below for information and how it may affect you.


Who will be affected? ALL Stride Credit Union members will be affected.

Can I send an e-Transfer on that weekend? No. All e-Transfers will be unavailable from June 5-June 7. Former Beautiful Plains members will have no access to sending e-Transfers between May 29-June 7.

Can I pay bills online that weekend? The online banking platform and the StrideCU app will both be unavailable for that weekend. If you have a payment scheduled for June 5-7, it will send on Monday, June 8th.

Can I withdraw cash for the weekend? As long as the cash is withdrawn prior to 5pm on June 5th, you will be fine. All ATM’s and MemberCards will be unavailable from 5pm June 5th until approximately noon on June 7th.

Will anything change for me after the merge? If you are a former Beautiful Plains member, you will now have access to the StrideCU app and your online banking will change.

Can I go shopping on that weekend? You certainly can go shopping (we hope you support your local businesses), but you won’t be able to use your MemberCard—these will be unavailable for use at any retailer or any ATM that weekend. Please have an alternate form of payment for that weekend—Collabria credit card will still work or withdraw cash prior to June 5th.

If I have a question, who do I call? We will have a dedicated phone line for questions relating to the data merge. Please call 12043856137 if you have any questions or issues related to the merge.

What if I can’t reset my PAC after the merge? Please call our merge line at 12043856137 and we will be able to help reset your PAC. Additionally, you can email us at and we will handle the reset that way.

Will my PAC change? It will change for former Beautiful Plains members. You will have to log in using the last 5 digits of your highest numbered ACTIVE debit card (if you hold multiple cards, please use the highest numbered to access all accounts).

May 4, 2020

On January 1, 2020, Stride Credit Union welcomed Beautiful Plains Credit Union—Neepawa and Glenella branches—into the Stride family. To complete the amalgamation, Stride will be performing a data merge which will temporarily suspend online access, member card usage and the Stride CU app for a short period of time.

Date and time of data merge: June 5th at 5pm until June 7th at approximately noon.

What services will be unavailable for that weekend?

  • Online banking
  • ATM access
  • Member cards
  • StrideCU app
  • e-Transfers

Who will be affected?

  • All Stride Credit Union members.

Will my log in information change?

  • Former Beautiful Plains members will have a new way to log in by using the last 5 digits of their highest numbered active debit card (if you hold multiple cards, please use the highest numbered to access all accounts).

Are there any other changes for former Beautiful Plains members?

  • Members will have full access to the StrideCU app.
  • Members will have to create all their e-transfer recipients after June 7th as any existing recipients will not transfer over.
  • If member to member transfer is used, the member number of the recipient will change.
  • Any pending Interac e-Transfer transactions that you have initiated must either be received or canceled prior to May 29 and no e-Transfers will be able to send from May 29-June 7 upon completion of data merge.
  • Receiving of Interac e-Transfers after June 3 will be unavailable until the merge is complete on June 7. We encourage all members to prepare for the pause in access that weekend by paying bills online beforehand, securing an alternative payment solution, and withdrawing enough cash for the weekend ahead of time.

For anyone with questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Toll free 1-877-228-2636 Email: