Online Banking

Enjoy access to your accounts and funds in a safe, secure and convenient environment - 24/7 - with our MemberDirect® Online Banking. There are many advantages and benefits to online banking- you can:

  • view account summary/ balances and activity
  • perform immediate and future dated payments and transfers
  • view and delete scheduled bill payments and transfers
  • order cheques & register for mobile banking
  • receive alerts to stay informed of the activity on your account

All you need is your 19-digit Member Card® debit card number and a personal access code to log-in, with access available on any page of the website; just remember to logout when you are finished.


Stay up-to-date with your account activities and stay ahead of potential fraudulent activity with Alerts. To find out more about this FREE service, click here.

Online Banking Help

You can find additional information and help with online banking by clicking here.

Privacy Online

You can also find more information about your privacy online and the best practices for protecting yourself online by clicking here.



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