Business Payment Services

As a business owner and/or operator, managing and transfering money can be difficult and complex at times. You may have additional employees to pay, various accounts to make payments on for different goods and services, or you might have to collect rent or other fees from tenants (or other way around).

Customer Automated Funds Transfer

That's where the Customer Automated Funds Transfer, or CAFT, system comes in. This system can help you manage your funds automatically, taking less of your time and allowing you to focus on other, more important tasks.

CAFT is designed to handle your business payment services & transactions, including:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Pre-Authorized Debit
  • General Payroll Services

Most accounting software provides Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) file creation in order to use the above services. The system is designed to be completely self-served by the business owner(s), requiring minimal instruction/ support from the credit union.

Part of the initial set-up and registration includes support and training for using the CAFT system.